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Zen Garden Set

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Distributeur: Lovecraft


Want to feel blessed? Never stressed?

We got you covered!

We would like to introduce you to the Zen Garden Set, a simple stress-reliever, that helps you relax and feel more serene wherever you are.

You can either use it as a terrain or fill it with sand to make your own relaxing Zen garden on your desk at home or at work during your 9-to-5 (We highly recommend this!).

What's included:

1 x Buddha Statue (58mm)
1 x Buddha Base (12mm)
1 x Garden Box (Height: 35mm, Length & Breadth: 180mm)
8 x Different sized rocks (5-84mm)
1 x Terrain (26mm)
3 x Garden tools (Length: 110mm)


    • These items are printed in resin and will therefore be unpainted. It is up to you, the artist, to make it your own. Have fun and get creative!
    • Get your glue ready! The chosen pieces will be sent seperately; it's up to you to put them together!

    Designed by Lovecraft, licensed to Invent 3D Ltd  

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