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Yamabushi Monk

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Distributeur: Lovecraft


Known also as ascetic hermits, the Yamabushi Monks are believed to be endowed with supernatural powers. Though they have dedicated themselves to live a life of solitude, Yamabushi monks have fought alongside samurai and sōhei warrior monks in the past.

Apart from addting to your collection, the Yamabushi Monk can be used for RPGs such as D&D.

What's included:

1 x Yamabushi Monk (45mm)
1 x base (24mm)


    • These miniatures are printed in Gray resin and will therefore be unpainted. It is up to you, the artist, to make it your own. Have fun and get creative!
    • Get your glue ready! The chosen pieces will be sent seperately; it's up to you to put them together!

    Designed by Lovecraft, licensed to Invent 3D Ltd  

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